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Kaunas is the city of Lithuania with the largest sports community and has the very best results. Our town gave birth to a lot of Olympic contestants and prize-winners. Here grew the best basketball players such as Arvydas Sabonis, Voldemaras Chomicius, Rimas Kurtinaitis, Šarunas Jasikevičius, Virginijus Praskevičius and others, as well as other sports representatives such as Rūta Meilutytė (swimming), rowers, sailors and others. Everyone knows that our city is the home of the legendary basketball Kaunas "Žalgiris". Here in Kaunas, the European Basketball Championship was held twice.

Kaunas has great opportunities to develop sports due to its diverse geographic location and sports base variety. Here we have the Lithuanian Sports University, which grows sports specialists not only for Lithuania, but also for the world-wide audience. Basketball is considered to be the second religion in Lithuania. The residents of our country do not imagine having their lives or leisure without a basketball. In this case, we have a good opportunity to create the necessary infrastructure to promote basketball and raise a lot of new specialists.

BCCAMP.lt - a project uniting children and teenagers, which promotes improvement of basketball knowledge and socialization of young people. The world has become global; therefore, it is important for young people to meet with other parties, communicate with each other, get acquainted with diverse cultures, customs and mentality. Basketball court is a place for knowledge and learning. Our camps have the best specialists, providing the highest level of learning socializing and attention. We are waiting for you and we wish you only the best!

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